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Schickel Not Running for Sheriff in Boone Co.

State Senator John Schickel (R-Union) will not be on the ballot this year as a candidate for Boone County Sheriff.

Schickel had filed a letter of intent to run for the office currently held by fellow Republican Michael Helmig.

"I seriously considered a run," stated Schickel. "But I did a poll, and people were not in favor of my running for sheriff. A lot of people actually asked me to please stay in the senate. So as a result of the poll and people's opinions, I decided I needed to stay in the Senate."
Schickel has been critical of Helmig in recent years. 
Following his reelection as sheriff in November 2014, Helmig promptly resigned and then returned to work in January just ahead of being sworn in for a new term. It has been speculated that Helmig took advantage of a loophole that allows public officials to retire, collect their pension, and then return to work to collect a full salary, too. Helmig never said.
Schickel is back in Frankfort for the 2018 General Assembly where issues surrounding pensions continue to dominate the narrative.
He will be up for reelection to his senate seat in 2020.
-Patricia A. Scheyer & Michael Monks
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