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Taylor Mill to Consider Incentives for Businesses

This article has been updated to correct that the proposal is to offer a rebate on payroll tax growth, not profit.

A proposal to spotlight Taylor Mill businesses was floated at this week's city commission meeting.

Additionally, Commissioner Phil Peace suggested a payroll tax rebate for businesses that show growth in that area.

"Commissioner (Sarah) Frietch and I met with businesses over the weekend to discuss the plans, and got a good reaction," said Peace. "When businesses prosper, the city prospers."

That part of the plan would reward existing businesses for growth and new businesses by giving them a 10 percent or 20 percent rebate. Peace said that part will have to be hammered out by commissioners to see if it would work.

Peace presented a short slide show to feature his ideas. He told his fellow commissioners that the city should be expanding its business space, and helping businesses grow.

"That's our job," he said.

Peace pointed out how the city was able to respond positively to the problem faced by the McDonald's location in Taylor Mill when it wanted to expand to feature two drive-thru lanes, which was not permitted in the city. The city was able to change the rules to allow the addition.  

The city could also feature a business each week on its website and social media channels, Peace suggested, offering praise to the businesses and acquainting them with residents.

The plan was mostly well-received by the commission, although Commissioner Mark Kreimborg said that he would have appreciated a heads-up before the meeting, since he felt a bit blindsided by the plan.  

All agreed to start with the business spotlight, which could start in February. The Original Wok may be the first spotlighted business in February in time for the Chinese New Year.

Other notes:

Assistant City Clerk Gena Forsyth (pictured above with Mayor Dan Bell) received two graduation certificates for completing the three-year course for municipal city clerks. Since she successfully completed the course, commissioners voted unanimously to promote her from assistant city clerk to city clerk.

As a result of the debate last month about the certificates for a holiday ham or turkey for the employees of the city, residents Tim and Becky Foster donated certificates for the employees. Commissioners were very appreciative of the gesture. Commissioner Frietch said the city is grateful for all the gifts that were brought up during the holidays, and Phil Peace said people should give because they want to, not because they have to.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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