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Video: Park Hills Police Car Hit by Sliding Vehicle

A Park Hills Police cruiser was struck by a car sliding on ice.

Lt. Richard Webster, in a Facebook post, explained that Park Hills Police was helping another police agency Monday morning when a driver got caught on some ice on River Road and slid into the cruiser.

Neither the driver nor the officer was hurt, and the cruiser is still in operation, Webster said.

The call that officers had been responding to was related to another vehicle that had slid roughly one hundred off the road.

"We were contacting a wrecker and attending to the driver of the first vehicle. I was out of my vehicle and getting items out of the first vehicle," Webster wrote. "I was returning to my vehicle when this accident occurred."

Webster said that if the police cruiser had not been hit, the driver could have smashed into a telephone pole or rolled down an embankment nearby, suffering serious injuries.

"So, if you see a police unit with its lights on please slow down and give them room because there is a reason they are there," Webster wrote.

Webster also noted that a bystander showed up and gave money to the driver that slid off the road prior to the crash so that she could be helped with payment to the tow truck driver. That generous person left the scene before Webster could thank them, he said.