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Kentucky Career Center Looks to Build Upon Successful Year

Calling 2017 "a landmark year", the Kentucky Career Center is setting out to achieve more in 2018, with further collaboration and enhanced innovation.

The agency said that it provided a record number of business services to local employers.

Here are some highlights:

A new Operator and Lead Service Provider, Brighton Center, Inc., was selected by the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board (NKWIB), the board of local business leaders and community representatives who oversee the Kentucky Career Center network.

“Our goal is to help job seekers position themselves for high-demand jobs that offer competitive wages and benefits, leading to individual and family self-sufficiency,” said Talia Frye, Brighton Center’s Workforce Development Director.

Through a network of programs, the Kentucky Career Centers offer an array of skill-building workshops and case management services intended to help job seekers maximize their earning potential. Examples include job search success workshops, resume and interviewing workshops, and professional networking opportunities.  

The NKWIB has identified five ‘high-demand industry sectors’ for the Northern Kentucky region.  

Through the NKWIB, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds are being made available to help job seekers pay for career training opportunities that align with the aforementioned high-demand sectors which include: Advanced Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, IT/Business/Finance, and Installation, Maintenance & Repair. Job seekers are encouraged to contact or visit their local Kentucky Career Center for more information about these career training opportunities.  

“The NKY Workforce Investment Board drives the local workforce development system to support job seekers and businesses, improve our local workforce and, ultimately, enhance our local economy. Now more than ever, our region needs to help employers identify and hire qualified talent and, in turn, help job seekers with obtaining career-oriented employment – and that work starts with the Kentucky Career Center,” said Barbara Stewart, NKY Workforce Investment Board Director.

The Kentucky Career Center is charged with serving our region’s employers as well as job seekers, and service to local employers may be the center’s most important work right now. 

“In our current economic climate in which skilled workers are at a premium, the Kentucky Career Center is striving to increase and enhance our partnerships with local employers to help more of them get connected with highly-qualified employees,” said Correy Eimer, Kentucky Career Center Operator.

Employers have made it known that one of today’s greatest challenges is attracting and retaining qualified workers. The Kentucky Career Center Business Services’ Team can facilitate apprenticeships and on-the-job training experiences that tend to be mutually beneficial for the employer and the job seeker.

“In order to meet our region’s workforce needs, it takes cooperation and collaboration between our region’s business community, economic development agencies, workforce development providers, and education institutions. In 2018, we will see these partnerships grow and become more strategic in our collective work,” said Andrew Aiello, NKY Workforce Investment Board Chair and TANK’s General Manager.

Presently, in Northern Kentucky, career centers can be found in Covington, Florence, and Carrollton, with plans underway to add a center in Grant County.  

Learn more about the Kentucky Career Centers in NKY by visiting

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