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Massie on Train Involved in Fatal Crash

At least one person died Wednesday when an Amtrak train crashed into a garbage truck in Crozet, Virginia.

The train was carrying Republican lawmakers to a retreat in West Virginia. Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie was on that train.

The Republican tweeted, "I’m on the train. I’m ok. Only minor bumps and bruises on this train car. Pray for those in the truck that the train hit."


Reuters reported that one person aboard the truck was killed. Two others in that truck were also injured.

No members of Congress or their staff members were seriously hurt, the report said.

Amtrak said the collision happened at 11:20 a.m. and that local law enforcement would be investigating.

Reuters reported that right after the crash, a law enforcement team dressed in black surrounded the train with automatic weapons drawn and searched the area for possible attackers.

This story may be updated.

-Staff report