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Signs Spotted in Villa Hills Say "New Covington"

There have been lots of signs popping up in Villa Hills lately.

Most of them urge commuters and neighbors to visit a website titled Defend Villa Hills, which was created in response to a controversial new development set to land at the Saint Walberg Monastery site.

The massive mixed-use project received the blessing of the Kenton County Planning Commission and has support from city leaders, but many neighbors oppose parts of the project and have become vocal and active in their opposition.

But the new signs that were spotted on Friday don't reference the development.

Instead, the signs say, New Covington.

So, what does that mean?

It's unclear. Villa Hills Mayor Butch Callery was a Covington city commissioner from 1981 to 2000 and then mayor from 2001 to 2008, but the city is not claiming responsibility for the "new" name. The City of Villa Hills Administrator/Clerk Craig Bohman told The River City News that he was unaware of the signs when contacted early Friday morning. Steve Schletker, of Defend Villa Hills, said that his group did not have anything to do with the signs either, though new signs are being created, he said, ahead of the next city meeting on February 21.

By noon, when RCN went searching for them, the signs, which had been placed in at least two spots along Amsterdam Road near Collins Road and Villa Madonna Academy, were gone. The City of Villa Hills later confirmed that the signs were removed by city staff because they were placed on the public right-of-way without a permit.

Know anything about this mystery? Email us at [email protected].

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo provided by Kristin Martin