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Covington Restaurant Adds House-Made Bone Broth

House-made bone broth is coming to The Gruff, the popular restaurant near Covington's riverfront.

It's offering free samples on Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3.

Described as a "deep, flavorful broth", it's made with grass-fed bones or free-range chicken bones.

The Gruff Bone Broth is available in pints for $8 or as a single serving size for $4.50.

The Gruff sourced fresh ingredients and formulated a slow-simmered broth enhanced with herbs, turmeric, and/or ginger and can be enjoyed on its own.

“We are passionate about all things local, creative, and delicious, and about food that promotes wellness," said the Gruff owner, Kristin Steuber. "We are excited about this new offering for our customers who want a convenient way to add more healthy options to their daily routines.”

-Staff report

Photo: The Gruff (RCN file)