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Dayton to Join Covington and Newport in Closing Flood Gate

Dayton will move forward with closing its flood gate, days after Covington and Newport did the same.

Though the Ohio River was expected to crest at around 56 feet on Wednesday and begin to recede, heavy rainfall forecast over the next few days concerned Dayton officials enough to make a move.

The flood gates at the intersection of 4th Avenue (KY 8) and Clark Street will be erected at 7 a.m. on Friday.

The city, in a news release, notes that the river water is not expected to reach the flood gate in the next five days, but Dayton wants to be prepared in case the prediction changes.

The gate will be closed until further notice. The access road located east of the levee between KY 8 and 5th Avenue will be open for emergency use only.
-Staff report
Image: Dayton flood gate (RCN file)