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Boone County, Walton-Verona Schools Adding More Security

In the wake of last week's deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Flordia, the Boone County Sheriff's Office announced Friday that it would supply more deputies to elementary schools in the county.

Sheriff Michael Helmig said that he would supply each of the fifteen public elementary schools in the Boone County and Walton-Verona school districts. The armed, sworn deputies will start on Monday and work school days during school hours for the remainder of the academic year.

In an email to his deputies, Helmig asked each to “dig deep (to commit the time) and help me protect our youngest school-age children” explaining each will need to dedicate additional time to get the schedule filled.

For years Sheriff Helmig has provided security to the Boone County public high schools and middle schools with school resource officers. 

Considering today’s environment, Helmig is upping his ante to ensure all the public schools are provided for on a full-time basis.

The sheriff's office arrested six students at multiple schools for issues related to threats or false alerts in recent days.

Boone County Superintendent Randy Poe welcomed the additional security at his district's fourteen elementary schools.

“Our students deserve a safe learning environment and their parents deserve to know we will do what is necessary to protect their children,” said Poe.
-Staff report


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