Newport Executive Offices to Cut Ribbon on Monmouth Street

A ribbon will be cut on the new Newport Executive Offices.

Owners Dave and Abigail Clabeaux opened the new space at 830 Monmouth Street.

“Our vision was to create an affordable, comfortable and exciting office for the small business owner or the person who works from home but needs a quiet, private office,” said Dave Clabeaux. “Our goal was to create a very comfortable and exciting place for people to work.” 

The offices were built with upscale finishes, including hardwood floors, dimmable recessed lighting, and crown molding throughout. The goal was to avoid the traditional florescent lights and “institutional” feel of most office buildings.

The husband and wife team identified that there was a lack of small, individual office space available in the local market. Many people are working from home, or are starting small businesses, and need a small, quite office to do business in.  But most office spaces are too big, and are out of the price range of many small businesses.

That need inspired Newport Executive Offices.

The project consists of 25 individual executive office suites. The rent is a flat $350 and includes WiFi, all utilities, weekly cleaning service, and use of common areas. The building is designed with modern, sophisticated decor while retaining the historical value and feel of the building, which was built in 1890.

In addition, 5 percent of the revenue generated from the office building will be donated to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

“My wife and I decided a long time ago to attach each of our projects to a charity. That way the project has even more meaning to us. When we rehab a house or develop office space, we are not only providing safe, exiting places for people to live and work, but those homes and buildings are also helping us give back to the community,” said Dave.

“Dedicating a portion of the profit of each project we do helps everyone involved in the project get more excited and more into it. Our workers, the guys doing the painting, the framing, the HVAC, and the electric work really love working on a project that will help sick children for many years to come,” said Abigail Clabeaux. “Don’t get me wrong, it is very satisfying working on one of these projects in and of itself. But knowing the project will give back to the community for years and years makes it all the more rewarding.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for Saturday at 10 a.m. with catering by Pompilios.

From the City of Newport