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Photos: Fish Fry at Mary, Queen of Heaven

When Mary, Queen of Heaven Parish began its fish fry over twenty-five years ago, it was immediately a hit.  

John Geisen was involved, along with hundreds of volunteers from the parish, and soon Geisen was asked to other parishes, in Kentucky and Ohio, to give advice on a successful fish fry.

"I told them, good bread, good fish, good tartar sauce, good service, and good people," said Geisen. "One day, I walked into a parish in Cincinnati, and someone said, here comes the Codfather! And that's what I have been ever since."

Back at home, some of the students at the school got into the spirit and dressed up as the Blues Brothers, and a little local color was added to the community event.

Now MQH serves 2,700 to 3,000 customers every Friday night for the six Fridays of Lent (Good Friday is a day off). 

There is a turnaround of 72 seconds during the busiest part of the four-hour fish fry, from 5 to 7 p.m., when parking spots are at a premium.

The menu includes cod, haddock, shrimp tacos, pizza, and desserts donated by the parish members. Volunteers number at least 200, and that includes school children, who help in any way they are needed. 

This is the largest fundraiser for MQH School.

Friday night, members of Dutch Lions FC showed up to raise awareness for their season which starts May 20. Paul Nicholson, Brandon Ponchak, and Bryce Day were in uniform, signing autographs and talking to people.

Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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