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Dayton Schools: District Security Measures are Strong, Day Care Fees Raised

Dayton Independent Schools Superintendent Jay Brewer stated that a letter will go out to all parents and guardians next week reassuring them about the security measures at both Lincoln Elementary and Dayton High School.

Brewer said that the district installed security measures long ago, but is constantly upgrading those measures and looking for ways to improve as technology becomes available.

"We work with the local police and go through emergency preparatory  training," said Brewer. "We have a school resource officer that takes care of both schools on our campus, and we have school counselors on hand, as well as mental and emotional help for all students. This summer we will install additional safety measures at Lincoln. Everybody who wants to come into either school has to be identified and buzzed in."

At its most recent meeting, the board of education also approved the budget allocation for each school. The allocations are low because the board is waiting for final word from the General Assembly about pension contributions and other costs. In May, the board expects to have more finalized numbers for the schools.

The board also approved adding more cyber insurance at the recommendation of the district's insurance agency. This will increase the cost of insurance by about $1,000 a year.

Last month, the day care at the district was found to have a small deficit, so this month the board voted to raise the rate for daycare from $125 a week to $135 a week. This should solve the problem, according to Brewer.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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