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Attorney General Beshear to Sue Over Pension Bill

Attorney General Andy Beshear said Friday that he would sue to stop the pension bill that was adopted by the General Assembly on Thursday after it was slipped into an unrelated piece of legislation.

The bill's adopting by the House and Senate prompted protests from educators across Kentucky, shutting down multiple school districts, including three in Northern Kentucky: Campbell County, Gallatin County, and Dayton Independent.

Educators have been the most vocal opponent of the Republican-backed legislation that is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Matt Bevin. Teachers have expressed concerns over cuts to retirement benefits.

On Friday, Beshear said that legislators broke their promise but that he would keep his promise to sue.

"They did it through this amendment where they didn't allow any public comment or testimony, they refused to hear from you," Beshear said in a video posted to social media. "I am here today to reassure you if and when the governor signs that bill into law your attorney general's office will file suit seeking to overturn as much if not all of this terrible bill as we can."


-Staff report

Photo: Andy Beshear