Florence Police Track Man Through City Sewers

Florence Police arrested a man on Saturday following a chase that led them through the woods, the marsh, and then the city sewer system.

Acting on a tip, officers responded to Rave Cinemas on Mall Road to find Joshua Fugate.

Fugate, 31, of Hazard, Ky., had been evading arrest for three years, police said. He had outstanding warrants for charges of theft, burglary, assault, and absconding parole.

When he spotted officers, police said, Fugate fled on foot to the woods. Police units had set up a perimeter to keep him contained and away from the public.

The chase ended up in the sewers and after a three-hour manhunt, Fugate was arrested.

Officer B.J. Eder and K9 officer Karma tracked Fugate down and police said that by the time he was caught, Fugate was exhausted and begging to go to jail.

He now faces additional charges of fleeing, trespassing, and charges related to drugs.

-Staff report


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