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Falcon Theatre Offers Wide-Ranging 2018-19 Season

Falcon Theatre’s wide-ranging 2018-2019 season in Newport has classics, an area premiere by Steven Dietz, one of Greater Cincinnati’s favorite playwrights, and very welcome returns of wonderful plays not produced here in years.

Falcon has set the titles but not the schedule so the line-up is listed in alphabetical order. The theater is located at 636 Monmouth St. in downtown Newport. Call 513-479-6783 for more information.

Baskerville by Ken Ludwig (Lend Me a Tenor, Moon Over Buffalo) transforms Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic The Hound of the Baskervilles into a murderously funny adventure. The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being dispatched one by one. To find their ingenious killer, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must brave the desolate moors before a family curse dooms its newest heir. Silly accents, disguises, and deceit abound as five actors deftly portray more than 40 characters.

Blues for an Alabama Sky by Pearl Cleage is set in the midst of the Great Depression, when Angel, a struggling blues singer and nightclub performer, and Guy, a costume designer who dreams of working for celebrities, live next door to the more serious and political Delia, a social worker with the goal of opening a community family planning clinic. As they each search for a way to keep their dreams of love, career, and service alive in times of economic despair, they learn that the Great Depression can’t destroy the source of their creative spirit.

The Exonerated presents unflinching stories of the real-life experiences of six survivors of death row. Gleaned from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files, and public records, the convicts are ultimately spared the death penalty by DNA evidence, confessions from the real killers, and cold-case detective work. The strikingly similar experiences of the survivors are interwoven to reveal a pattern that paints a picture of an American justice system that may not always be blind.

The Lion in Winter is the literate, deliciously sharp dramatic comedy of a hellish holiday with a very special family -- King Henry II, his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine and their three sons, each with his eyes on the crown, during Christmas of 1183. Sibling rivalry, adultery, dungeons, duplicitous machinations and outright power-grabs -- and razor-sharp dialogue -- have made this story an audience favorite for more than fifty years. “Well, what shall we hang? The holly or each other?”

Yankee Tavern by Steven Dietz, one of the area’s most produced contemporary playwrights, brings a 9/11 conspiracy theory to the stage. A stranger walks into Yankee Tavern, an old neighborhood joint on the ground floor of a decaying New York City hotel. The young proprietor of the bar and his fiancée find themselves caught up in what might be the biggest conspiracy of all. This dramatic thriller leaves audience members wondering until the last minute whether they should be laughing...or horrified.

The current Falcon season closes May 4-19 with A Great Wilderness, a drama that centers on gay conversion therapy. Ticket information and reservations at

-Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts