Union Town Center Plan Takes Step Forward

The Union Town Center project took a step forward this week when the city commission approved a request for qualifications from developers.

The RFQ will sample the market for interested firms willing to work with the city to convert the plan into a town center, a news release said.

The RFQ includes identification of developable land, style of development, the city's vision, useful maps, utility contacts, and city contacts, along with relevant demograpic statistics.

Commissioner Jeremy Ramage, head of the Union economic development committee, recommended the RFQ initiative to help guide the city through identifying a potential developer and to provide concrete “actionable” steps to move the development forward. 

“This RFQ will help us identify where best to build the center of the new town, and what steps we need to take to move the project forward,” Ramage said.

“The old town plan has been around for many years. Now that construction of the new Mt. Zion/Route 536 road is underway, momentum for the new Union town is here," said Mayor Larry Solomon. "Additionally, we now have a fully professional staff in place with a full-time city administrator leading the team. As a result, we are now actively moving forward into making the new Union Town Center a reality.”

The Union Town Center is a 90-acre piece of land at the intersection of Mt. Zion Road and U.S. 42 and is what Union considers to be its downtown. It includes an older business district along Old Union Road and a potentially new business district nearby. The Union Town Plan was adopted in 2000 by the Boone County Planning Commission.

The goal is to create a project with retail, service, residential, public institutional, office, and recreational activities.

-Staff report