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Cincinnati Chili-Infused Cocktail to Be Served this Week

It's Cincinnati Restaurant Week!

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All week long, downtown Cincinnati restaurant Metropole is offering the Manhattan Skyline - a localized twist on a classic cocktail.

It's made with Maker's Mark and house-made Cincinnati-style chili-infused bitters.

The $8 cocktail accompanies the $35 menu during Restaurant Week.

Travis Sallee, Metropole’s mixologist, came up with the drink last fall after finding postcards with a Cincinnati chili recipe on them.

“I feel like whenever people come back, (Cincinnati chili) is the first thing they want to try and it’s just a comforting Cincinnati favorite,” Sallee said. “So I decided to try and make it into bitters and see how it would turn out.”

The bitters used in the cocktail are made with “a lot of chili powder, some dark chocolate, cinnamon, cumin, clove, cayenne, a little red wine,” Sallee said. While bitters are traditionally made with only a neutral grain spirit, he uses a split base in his recipe, pairing the grain spirit with bourbon to “bring in that hometown taste.”

Greater Cincinnati Restaurant Week is a limited-time offer for locals to experience fine dining at a considerably reserved cost. The week-long highlighting of area restaurants will provide for more flavors and experiences than any other week of the year, a news release said.

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Photos by Hailey Bollinger/CityBeat

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