Man Shoots, Kills Self When Campbell Police Request a Search

A man shot and killed himself Friday morning after Campbell County Police responded to a call about domestic violence.

It happened at around 11:35 a.m. on the 2400 block of Fausz Road.

A woman called police and reported that her male domestic partner had threatened to kill her and himself. She left the residence and told police that there were multiple guns and knives inside.

Responding officers made contact with the man when he opened the front door. A brief conversation ensued and the man told a different story than the woman.

Officers asked the man for identification and he said that his ID was inside the house.

Inside, officers asked the man to submit to a pat-down search. Police say that upon hearing that request, the man pulled out a concealed pistol and shot himself in the torso.

First aid was rendered at the scene but the man died.

He was identified as Larry Cordray, 37.

Campbell County Attorney Steve Franzen reviewed body cam footage of the event and determined that Cordray did in fact shoot himself.

-Staff report

Image via PDS