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Erlanger Looks to Create School Zone at Busy Intersection Where Pedestrians Were Struck

The City of Erlanger is moving to create a "school zone" near the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Baker Street.

The move is in response to an incident in which three students were hit by a car there recently.

The city drafted an ordinance and read it for the first of two times this month. It would create a school zone that extends all the way up Baker and across Commonwealth. There would be a reduced speed limit of 25 miles per hour with flashing lights, intended to make drivers aware of the students who walk to and from Tichenor Middle School and Lloyd High School.

City Administrator Matt Kremer noted that there had been another pedestrian struck there seven months prior.

Councilman Don Nicelay said that the city was not doing enough and wanted to know if there would be similar zones deployed at Commonwealth and Cowie or Hubert avenues, too.

The answer was, no.

Nicely further wanted to know if the changes would make kids not cross the street against the traffic light and risking being hit by a car. Councilwoman Patty Suedkamp said that there are no guarantees.

The second reading of the proposed ordinance and a vote will be held at the May meeting.

Other notes:

The storm sewer improvement and sidewalk restoration project in the city is moving forward. City engineer Jim Viox said that the Sanitation District agreed to pay half the cost of the storm sewer. The entire project is estimated at $497,890. SD1 will pay more than $90,000 for its part.

Viox recommended that the work be completed by JPS Construction which bid $493,629 and council voted to approve.

Police Chief Todd Brendel received his pin for 20 years of service in the city.

E.J. Dettmer and Chaz Mathews took the oath of office to become police officers in the city.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Image via PDS