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Dayton Schools Work to Increase Security, Reach Agreement with Developer

Dayton Independent Schools is joining other local districts in increasing security measures as the nation grapples with deadly school shootings.

All the locks will be changed at Lincoln Elementary School in June, once school has dismissed for the summer. The exterior locks will be changed to a new card-based system so that access can be limited and can be tracked.

The interior locks will also be changed with new keys.

The Dayton Board of Education also voted to update the district's security cameras, costing $36,671. The new cameras will be installed this summer.

"We need to reboot, and/or improve the current system, as it is slowly aging," said Superintendent Jay Brewer.  

The system will include ceiling mounts for the cameras and 4K cameras on the sides of the buildings. Structured Technology, based in Crescent Springs, is the company that will install them.

"We are very excited about the cameras, and when we put that together with our new lock system, we feel that we will have a new and improved security system," said Brewer. "We redid the lock system on the high school already, and now we are updating the elementary school. We are constantly looking at how to improve safety for our students."

The board agreed to authorize Brewer to execute an agreement in lieu of taxes with the City of Dayton and Arlington Properties, which is developing an apartment community at Manhattan Harbour. The company came to the board in January and explained what they wanted to do about the agreement. Brewer said they were in agreement as long as there was no reduction in funding to the district.

"We were able to hit a sweet spot in the agreement, and over the next thirty years it will mean more funds will be coming in to the district than with regular taxes," said Brewer. "It is a win for the district and for the kids in our schools."

The district's daycare program is still struggling financially, so preschool director Brittany Howell plans to meet with the daycare leadership to explore ways to increase enrollment and bring in more revenue.

In other news from the recent board meeting, 1972 alumnus Danny Frank was honored. He has been part of the basketball program for the past 45 years, beginning as a student manager in 7th grade, and then working as an assistant coach.

He has also worked with the football team for 26 years.

Frank is retiring this year.

Kati Newsome, the assistant to the superintendent, is moving back to her hometown of Paducah with her family. 

"She is just first class all around," said Superintendent Brewer. "I am happy they are going home, but very upset to lose them."

John Newsome will leave his position as Spanish teacher at Dayton High School when the family leaves, and the district is looking to fill that position.

Austin Klosterman was named athlete of the month at the meeting, and Angelika Watson was the artist of the month. Several students were honored as students of the month, both from Lincoln elementary and Dayton High School:

Lucas Hundemer - 7th Grade
McKayleigh Gonzalez - 8th Grade
Ben Shields - 9th Grade
Trenton Downard - 10th Grade
Lance Klette - 11th Grade
Jody Wildeboer - 12th Grade
Daniel Haas
Mystiq Catacora
Aidan Caudill

First Grade

Rylan Cox
Talon Trimnell
Raiden McIntosh
Elijah Massey
Second Grade
Olivia Bell
Laniyha Lattimore
Emme Boyers
Third Grade
Charlie McIntyre
Nate Farmer
Daniel Johnson
Fourth Grade
Thomas Butcher
Carter Hutchison
Fifth Grade
Gracie Cutshaw
Sixth Grade
Kailah Johnson
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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