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Future of Pedestrian, Bicycle Issues in Kenton County to Be Discussed

The effort to update Kenton County's most recent bicycle plan, from 1999, and pedestrian plan, from 2001, continues with an open house on May 16.
The Kenton Connects Advisory Committee is hosting the event that Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Dixie Heights High School's cafeteria (3010 Dixie Highway, Edgewood).
“Public input and feedback is a critical part of creating successful bicycle and pedestrian policies for our communities,” said Chris Schneider, principal planner for Planning & Development Services, and project manager for the study. “We’re pleased with the input that led to the draft and hope a large turnout will provide feedback from residents.”
The Kenton Connects study began last summer and encourages pedestrian and bicycle modes of transportation in the county.
The study’s advisory committee is comprised of residents, business owners, elected officials, and professionals to provide staff oversight and guidance to the study.
A public survey conducted in October 2017 provided initial direction for the study and the resulting plan was built on that input. The study focuses on bicycle and pedestrian safety, usage, infrastructure, and education.
The resulting plan is the months-long efforts by the Advisory Committee and PDS staff.
The Public Open House will give attendees an understanding of the work and research that went into the study and the draft recommendations, and an opportunity to provide feedback.
“We’ve learned a great deal from the community and believe the draft plan presents an accurate vision for bicycle and pedestrian issues,” said Jason Reser, a Park Hills City Council member, Newport bicycle shop owner, and advisory committee member. “This open house is a great opportunity to learn more about the Kenton Connects study and to contribute to making cycling and walking better in Kenton County.”
Committee members will review feedback and begin finalizing the plan following the open house.
The plan is nearing completion, but the committee said there is more work to do.
Visit or email Chris Schneider at PDS or call him at 859.331.8980 for more information on ways you can play a role.
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