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Photos: Rat Races Return to Covington Turners for Ludlow Derby

It may be a Bluegrass State tradition to slap on fancy hats and throw back mint juleps on the weekend of the Kentucky Derby - but Covington always marches to the beat of its own drum.

And at Covington Turners on this weekend each year, there's a different kind of race taking place.

The Ludlow Derby - a more inviting way to label the annual rat races - takes place at the Turners' downtown Covington building on Pike Street.

People fill the basketball court and outside area to make a wager on offensively named mice who then run in a maze-like course to the loud cheering of on-lookers.

The winning group in the big race gets their faces framed in a toilet seat and placed on a wall of fame.

The races tend to have humorous or groan-worthy names - such as the first race of the night, dubbed Ye Ludlow Obituaries, which featured such racing rats as Gomer Pyle Driver, Tom Petty & The Heart Attackers, and Rick Pimptino's Whorehouse of Cards.

Race 2 was called White Trash Bikers, and the mice boasted names like Nice Tits Fat Boy and Real Bikers Don't Wipe. And, always on top of recent headlines, the event's sixth race was named for "Sexual Harassers", and featured such mice as Charlie Rose Gots a Gnarley Hose, Lauer Lauer Pants on Fire, and Bless Me Fr. Spacey.

The big race - the Ludlow Derby - was run by Your Sewer or Mine, Triumph - a Rat, Colonels Rock Rupp, Fast and Furryous, Ratshit Crazy, and Gettin' Lucky in Ludlow.
RCN's Brian Frey attended the event and produced these photos.


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