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Ft. Wright Residents Appear on "Let's Make a Deal"

A Ft. Wright couple appeared on Monday's episode of Let's Make a Deal - the updated classic TV game show.

Madalyn and James Crawford, retired postal workers, joined host Wayne Brady as featured "traders" in an attempt to avoid "zonks" in order to win prizes.

In photos submitted to The River City News by the show's production company, Freemantle Media, Madalyn appears dressed as a bee along with James, dressed as a bear in a honey jar. The show is known for its outrageous costumes worn by audience members and contestants, as well as other hijinks.

In the first segment in which they appeared, the Crawfords participated in a game called "My Husband Sounds Like A..." in which James made animal and other noises and Madalyn guessed, while blindfolded. They won $2,000.

The Crawfords, who also said they volunteer at Carmel Manor in Fort Thomas, were given the option by host Wayne Brady to return the cash in exchange for the prize hidden behind Curtain #1. The couple kept the cash, and then learned that they had passed up a trip to Costa Rica - a decision they did not regret.

They ultimately decided to give up the cash for a chance to choose at the end of the game between the three doors presented and the prizes behind them. They chose door two.

Door three housed a new barbecue. Door two had a brand new living room behind it - a sleeper sofa, liunge chair, and a table, valued at more than $7,000.

Door number one was the big prize - a trip to the South Pacific. Oh, and it came with the other two doors, too - a grand prize totaling nearly $23,000.

Watch the full episode here.

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