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Cold Spring Police Help Woman Get New Scooter

A woman who missed her bus and then began a long trek to a phone store to pay her bill by riding her electric scooter got a boost from Cold Spring Police.

Vickie Ashcraft called police after her scooter began having trouble on its way to a Boost Mobile store.

She had been riding for nearly four hours along the two and a half mile trek.

The batteries were failing on the 12-year old scooter and she could not make it home.

Cold Spring Police Sergeant Andy Hyett responded and drove Ashcraft and her dog, Buddy, home.

In a Facebook post, the police department said that Hyett was concerned about Ashcraft's safety in using the old scooter. So, he approached John Johnson at Patient Aids in Wilder.

The business donated a new Golden Companion scooter to the police department so that it could be given to Ashcraft.

"People count on the police when they need help, but we cannot do it all," the police department said. "Yesterday a company and some people brought safety and happiness to a person in need. That is a major reason our people come to work everyday."

-Staff report

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