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Ludlow to Add Drug-Free Club, Will Add Positions After 2 Employees Depart

Ludlow Independent Schools announced the formation of a new Drug-Free Club coming to Ludlow High School next year.

The club is open to all students, but does come with a fee of $67. Each student must agree to take a drug test at the beginning of their membership, and then drug tests will be administered randomly throughout the year.

Participation is volunatarily.

Superintendent Michael Borchers reported to the Board of Education that he would like to solicit donations to cover the costs of joining the club and so far, the district has already gained a donation of $1,500.

"We are trying to find outside funding," said Borchers.  "We are looking for donors, and if anyone would like to donate they can call the office."

Results of the drug tests will not be sent to the school, but will go to parents.

Borchers cited the existence of the club at Dayton Independent Schools and others in Boone County. He also said that Erlanger-Elsmere is looking to launch a chapter, too.

In other news from the board of education meeting, the district said goodbye to employees Beth Ketzer, who is retiring, and Randy Wofford, who is moving on to a new career.

The district will split the position of preschool director and special education director into two separate positions, director of special education and preschool, and director of secondary special education. Ketzer currently oversees special education and preschool in the district.

The new duties will include serving as a teacher for half a day and then as director for half a day.

Wofford currently serves as director of maintenance and transportation. The district will fill that position and add a director of buildings and grounds. Other duties will be delegated to other employees.

The new positions will be tried for a year and the evaluated later.

The 2018-2019 tentative budget of $5,812,300 was approved by the board. Borchers told the board that though it is a reduction from last year, he is confident the district is on solid ground.

The board approved the contract with MEBS and Associates LLC for counseling throughout the year.  This is the fourth year for the association with the company and they have one counselor that comes five days a week and another that comes three days a week, plus a case manager. This is in addition to the high school guidance counselor.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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