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Summer Street Resurfacing Season Begins in Covington

The summer repaving program is underway in Covington.
Crews will begin at the corner of Garrard Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd./12th Street on Thursday for the start of the summer resurfacing season.
Over the next three months, Florence-based Bluegrass Paving, Inc. will lay a smooth layer of asphalt on sections of about three dozen streets, interim Public Works Director Rick Davis said.
"They've got an aggressive schedule," Davis said.
A $694,000 repaving program - which includes money set aside for potential change orders - was approved by the Covington city commission last month. The funds come from state and federal sources.
Davis said about three dozen streets will be repaved in an array of neighborhoods, including South Covington, West Latonia, Monte Casino, Austinburg, Peaselburg, Eastside, Helentown, and Wallace Woods. The city is divided into three quadrants, and every three years the worst streets in each quadrant are repaved.
(For a full list of streets to be repaved, CLICK HERE).
Davis said signs warning of parking restrictions would be posted at least 24 hours in advance on streets to be repaved. The work will generally take two days or so at each location.
Bluegrass Paving will gradually work south from Garrard Street, with weather helping to dictate the speed of the progress, he said.
Davis said resurfacing not only creates a more pleasant driving experience but also increases the longevity of streets by improving drainage and fixing erosion. He noted that some of the work will include putting asphalt on top of existing concrete streets, which makes for a smoother ride.
-Staff report