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Injured Cat Left for Dead in Cold Spring, Rescue Effort Underway

UPDATE: The fundraising effort was nearly exceed, but unfortunately, the cat died.


A cat found in Cold Spring was left for dead by its owner, but a local man is working to find it a second chance.

Gage Schultz, of Cold Spring, found the cat early Saturday morning, lying face down with blood coming from its mouth.

Schultz said that he called the owner and explained that the cat appeared to have been hit by a car, but the owner said to push the cat to the side of the road and let it be.

Instead, Schultz called his sister who arrived to take the cat to a veterinarian.

The cat received some good news: it was not bleeding internally. However, the cat appeared to have suffered severe damage to its jaw.

Schultz is currently keeping the cat, which is resting and even purring, but refusing to eat. Schultz said the cat's jaw injury is stopping it from taking water or food.

He said that the vet suggested that immediate medical work was necessary and would cost between $800 and $1,200.

Schultz is trying to raise $1,000 through a GoFundMe page. To access that and to donate, click here.

-Staff report

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