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City of Covington Wants to Know About Burned Out Street Lights

The City of Covington is asking for help in locating street lights that are no longer working.
"We have about 4,000 street lights in the city, plus some 300 to 400 decorative street lamps," said Rick Davis, Covington's interim public works director. "They're important for safety and security, and so we try to keep up with them. But that's a lot easier if we have thousands of sets of eyes out there helping."
Duke Energy operates most of the lights in Covington's right of way, so burned-out lights should be reported directly to the company.
There are two ways to do that:
  • The preferred method is through Duke Energy's interactive web page, which can be found here. Click on the page, then enter the address or cross-street closest to the light, or zoom to the light's location on the map. Once you click on the light bulb symbol at the location of the light, a form will appear. Complete the form, submit it to Duke and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
  • Call Duke's Customer Call Center at 800.544.6900. It helps to have the exact address or the number attached to the pole on a vertical metal tag, or - at minimum - the closest cross street.
If the light is the city's responsibility, Duke will pass on the request, Davis said.
If a light isn't working because of a hazardous problem, such as wires hanging on or near the ground, the person should call 911, he said.
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