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Child, 2, Found Dead Inside Vehicle

A child was found dead inside of a car in Crittenden on Saturday.

Kentucky State Police said that troopers were dispatched to 5 Big Bear Circle after a 2-year old child had been found unresponsive inside a Mercury Grand Marquis.

Troopers were unable to revive the child, who was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Grant County, and pronounced dead.

The investigation is ongoing and an autopsy is scheduled.

In a statement, the Kentucky State Police urged parents to "Look Before You Leave": Place your purse or bags in the back seat to make yourself turn around when you arrive somewhere, or place your cell phone in the back so you have to turn around to pick it up. If you are at your residence and you are unable to locate your child, one of the first places you should look is inside of your vehicle because of the dangers that surround it, KSP said.

This story may be updated.

-Staff report