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Bellevue to Host Garden Tour

Bellevue will join the ranks of Northern Kentucky cities showing off their gardens this season.

The Bellevue Garden Tour is scheduled for Saturday, June 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and will start at Darkness Brewing (224 Fairfield Ave.).

"I went to the Bellevue Neighborhood Association meeting, which is made up of volunteers, and we talked about having a garden tour, and we all liked the idea, but nobody had the time to put into organizing it," said Louisa Bosler, whose husband owns Darkness Brewing. "So I told them I would take a stab at it. We all want to show off the beauty of Bellevue, and gardens are a part of what Bellevue is all about."

Tickets cost $15 and can be bought online on the Bellevue Garden Tour Facebook page, or at Darkness Brewing on the day of the tour.

Bosler said there will be at least eleven houses that have gardens, along with two community gardens. She explained that people can walk the tour, or there will be a shuttle bus that will take people and pick them up at numbered stops as it travels in a continuous loop around the city.

"Some parts of the city are hilly, and we won't be sure how hot the weather will be, or even if it is raining, so if people want to walk they can, or they can walk parts of the tour and ride the rest of the tour," said Bosler. "People can get ideas of what to do with their gardens, or just admire the layout of the established gardens. We even have some gardens that are tiered, and some have beautiful views of Cincinnati."

Drinks will be available for purchase - and hydration will be necessary, because the Mayse Bluegrass Festival is taking place at Bellevue Beach Park on the same day, which means people can truly take in the city for the whole day.

The tour may become an annual event.

"We are very excited about people touring our city," said Bosler. "After all, Bellevue does mean beautiful view."

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor