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Park Hills Chooses Ft. Wright Over Covington, Ludlow for Ambulance Services

The City of Park Hills will continue to use Ft. Wright for its advanced and basic life support services.

At Monday night's special council meeting, Fire Chief John Rigney recommended continuing with Ft. Wright rather than its other neighboring departments in Ludlow and Covington.

Ft. Wright's new contract was $21,000 higher than the year before, going from $65,000 annually to $86,000.

Because of that, the city put the contract out to bid.

Ludlow Fire Department bid $100,650 and Covington offered to provide the service for $60,000.

Chief Rigney said that Covington is rarely called to the city and also noted that Covington typically has 10,000 ambulance runs a year - so he was unsure whether that would impact Park Hills negatively. "I can't say they would be quicker," Rigney said.

Currently, Ft. Wright responds on average in about six to eight minutes. "Chances are if you call the life squad, it is life threatening," Councilman Greg Claypole said, referencing a need for the life squad to be fast.

Councilwoman Kathy Zembrodt said it is the city's duty to take care of their citizens.  

Mayor Matt Mattone said the city may have previously been significantly under-billed, once the numbers were broken down.

Council voted in favor of a resolution to go with Ft. Wright for a two-year contract, but the city hopes for some kind of agreement with the City of Ft. Wright to be warned in the future if the price for services will go up significantly.

Other notes:

City council approved a new capital improvement plan. Council also approved the repeal of special reserve funds from police, fire, administration, and maintenance, and placing those dollars into the capital improvement fund. Funds previously allocated for park beautification and the tree board will go into the general fund.

Police Chief Cody Stanley received a raise of about $1,500, bringing his salary to $60,320. His incentive pay was raised from $3,100 to $4,000.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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