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Greis Guilty on 5 Counts of Murder for Fatal Kenton Co. Crash

The man accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol at roughly 96 miles per hour before a crash that killed a family of five, was convicted Friday on five counts of murder.

Daniel Greis, 57, appeared in Kenton Circuit Court on Friday after a two-day break in the trial that lasted much of the past two weeks.

Last October, while on his way home from golfing, Greis attempted to pass a car on Staffordsburg Road in unincorporated Kenton County and hit another car head-on.

Rodney Pollitt, Samantha Malohn, and their three young children, Hailieann, Brenden, and Cailie, all died at the scene.

The jury recommended a 20-year prison sentence.

Final sentencing will be determined by Kenton Circuit Judge Patricia Summe.

Greis's attorney, Stacey Graus, argued that Greis used small amounts of marijuana for his back pain, and had accidentally grabbed a jacket with the marijuana inside it the day of the crash. The defense argued that another vehicle, in front of Greis, was to blame by triggering a road rage incident.

The portion of Staffordsburg Road where the fatal crash took place does not allow for passing.

Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders refuted the defense's claims. "This is murder, plain and simple," Sanders said. Sanders said the crash was worse than shooting a gun into the Pollitt's vehicle, because a bullet might have only killed one of them. 

Sanders also argued that if Greis uses marijuana to relieve pain from working at Kroger all day, why was he able to play 18 holes of golf just before heading home on that fateful day?

-Connor Wall and Michael Monks, RCN

Photo: Daniel Greis (via Kenton County Detention Center)

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