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Paleo Powerbowl from Prepped Girl

Local Food-Based Incubator Launches Prepped Girl, Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Delivery

The Incubator Kitchen Collective in Newport is excited to launch a new foodpreneur endeavor: Prepped Girl, a meal prep service that delivers healthy breakfasts and lunches throughout the greater Cincinnati region. 
Karen Durbin, owner of Prepped Girl, joined the Incubator Kitchen Collective in August, 2017. However, Durbin says Prepped Girl's business really took off this past January. 
"Karen completely embodies the never give up attitude - when she first came to me and talked ​about her vision of starting a company that would help people eat healthy balanced meals I could tell her passion was there," said Rachel DesRochers, Chief Gratitude Officer at the Incubator Kitchen Collective. "At times it can be hard to explain to our members that starting a food business takes time, a vision, and passion to keep going. Well that is exactly who Karen is!"
Before starting Prepped Girl, Durbin was an English teacher at Batavia High School. Durbin says that although she loves the teenagers she works with, she felt drawn to serve her community in another way.
"It seems weird to me sometimes that I would start a brand new business in my late forties," Durbin said. "Through my own health and wellness journey, I have learned just how important it is to fuel our bodies with good nutrition, with food that our bodies can actually use, not the processed junk that overwhelms the market."
"So I thought, what can I do to help ALL people, especially women, eat healthier," Durbin continued. "What can I do to help people live better lives?"
Durbin's solution to this was Prepped Girl; a service that delivers healthy breakfasts and lunches to doorsteps throughout the region. Durbin's reasoning for focusing on breakfast and lunch is because she feels that these two meals are the most commonly skipped by busy moms trying to keep up with their day-to-day schedule.
"At Prepped Girl, we make all of our meals from scratch using only WHOLESOME real ingredients," Durbin said. "We prep the food on Saturday and deliver the meals to our customers Sunday morning."
"Many of our meals are gluten and dairy free, and many are even perfect for those following a Paleo diet or doing a round of Whole30."  
Prepped Girl's menu offers new selections on a weekly basis. To see this weeks menu visit
-Staff report