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Friends of Peaselburg parade through the neighborhood

Peaselburg Invites Local Community to its Independence Day Parade

The neighborhood of Peaselburg welcomes everyone to join its celebration this Independence Day in Covington by participating in the Annual Peaselburg fourth of July parade.

The parade begins at 11am, at St Augustine School located on W. 19th Street.

The event, billed as one of Northern Kentucky's oldest Independence Day parades, traces its beginnings to the early 1960s, when the late Barney Graue hosted an Independence Day party for four Euclid Avenue families. Graue reportedly bought hats and flags for the kids and marched them around the backyard. Eventually, he started going around the block and from there it just grew to the schoolyard of St. Augustine.

Today's event is mostly a walking parade where children can decorate anything that transports them — such as bikes, wagons, in-line skates, strollers, or even themselves! In addition to lots of children, there are plenty of vehicles and floats which will traverse the Peaselburg community while a sound system playing patriotic march music adds to the patriotic theme of the day. Afterwards, participants and spectators can enjoy mingling with each other while enjoying a hot dog, lemonade and ice cream in the church parking lot.

"We encourage everyone to join us in the parade," said Susan Barnett, from the Friends of Peaselburg Neighborhood Association.  "And for those that can’t walk or ride, to come outside and cheer us on!"

Peaselburg residents are asked to please proudly display the American Flag while the parade takes place.

"Our 4th of July Peaselburg parade kind of serves as an unofficial reunion for many past Peaselburg residents to come back to their old neighborhood," Barnett continued. "Come back and see your friends in a community that has a strong history, an exciting present and a planned future. We look forward to seeing you on the fourth!"

-Staff report