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SD1 Adjusts Storm Water Boundary, Removes About 1,500 Properties

Sanitation District No. 1 is tightening up its storm water service area to better serve customers across Northern Kentucky.

The adjustment, approved by the Kentucky Division of Water earlier this year, shrinks the boundary by about 16 percent. It took effect July 1, but customers won’t notice any changes until they receive their August bills.
The change follows months of review by a working group of the SD1 Board of Directors and staff to ensure that SD1's storm water program is as effective and efficient as possible.
The SD1 Board made several recommendations to improve the storm water program, including re-focusing services on the more urbanized areas of Northern Kentucky rather than relying on watershed boundaries that the original program was modeled on.
The new boundary excludes some of the more rural areas that require limited service and focuses instead on more urbanized areas that have a larger concentration of hard surfaces like driveways, rooftops and parking lots.
These impervious surfaces create more storm water runoff for SD1 to manage. If not managed properly, the risk increases for problems like flooding, erosion, and pollution of the local waterways we rely on for drinking water and recreation.
These areas are also typically more densely populated and contain public infrastructure like public roadways and other storm water and sanitary sewer structures.
SD1 looked at several criteria when determining which properties would remain in its storm water service area and which would be removed.

An interactive map of the new SD1 storm water service area is available at
The criteria considered included whether a property is located within a Designated Urbanized Area according to the US Census, whether it is located within one of SD1’s co-permittee cities that share responsibility with SD1 for meeting the federally regulated storm water management requirements for Northern Kentucky, and whether it is located near existing SD1 sanitary or storm water infrastructure.
These criteria eliminated about 1,500 properties from the SD1 storm water service area and added about 25. Customers removed from or added to the service area will begin to receive letters this week.
-Staff report