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Letter: Summer Learning Matters

After a long school year, students have earned their summer vacations. But for many, and particularly for children from low-income families, it’s a time for summer learning loss, causing students to fall behind their classmates and leading to ever-widening achievement gaps. Research shows quality summer learning programs can combat learning loss and keep children on track to succeed by mixing fun with learning.
Thursday, July 12 is National Summer Learning Day, a day set aside each year to celebrate and highlight summer learning programs throughout the country.  Hundreds of students all across the city of Covington will be busy learning about the importance of bees in our ecosystem or exploring how to write code or participating in recreational sports or any of the other amazing opportunities made available to them through Camp Covington. Camp Covington is a collaborative five-week free summer enrichment program made possible through a partnership between Covington Partners and Covington Independent Public Schools. Over the past two years, students who attend this program regularly have demonstrated summer learning gains. Thanks to the hard work of many dedicated professionals, our community is proving to be a model in eliminating summer learning loss. 
It is not just students who benefit from summer learning programs. Much like after-school programs during the school year, they are a lifeline for working families who might otherwise have to choose between their jobs and costly childcare. With accessible and enriching programming, parents can have peace of mind, knowing their children are safe and engaged in activities that inspire a love of learning, from building robots to writing poetry.
This National Summer Learning Day, I hope you will join us in celebrating accessible summer learning programs for all our children and families and the benefits they provide to our entire community.
-Tom Haggard
Associate Director, Covington Partners