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Ft. Mitchell Police Bust Driver Going 118 MPH & Other Notes

The 7-year old boy injured during the Fourth of July parade in Fort Mitchell is recovering, Police Chief Andrew Schierberg told city council on Monday.

The boy suffered a facial fracture but is doing well. The injury happened when the boy went to the back of a float to get more things to throw to the parade attendees.

Schierberg said that he personally transported the boy to the hospital because he saw an opening in the parade through which he could travel. He emphasized that there was no problem with the fire department transporting the boy, as rumored.

The chief also said that a man was arrested after speeding at 118 miles per hour on southbound Interstate 75 over the weekend. Ft. Mitchell Police Sergeant Mike Gross was able to stop and apprehend the driver just south of Walton. The Boone County Sheriff's Office made the arrest.

A group of juveniles also caught the attention of police when they trespassed into the pool area at Ft. Mitchell Country Club. When officers showed up, the group scattered, but one girl was partially impaled by the fence while trying to escape.

Schierberg said the country club decided against pressing charges but police are looking into where the juveniles obtained alcohol.

Meanwhile, the Ft. Mitchell Police Department will conduct an active-shooter practice at Beechwood Schools on October 8. Students will be on fall break at the time, but Schierberg wants the community to know about the event so that residents don't become concerned over the drill.

In other news, city council unanimously adopted an ordinance to change the zoning of the area at 405 Buttermilk Pike from Residential 1-G to Limited Service Commercial to allow for a US Bank branch to open on the site where Average Joe's sports bar operates now.

Another change will allow for a drive-through.

Changes were made to the city's salary scale, particularly as it relates to office staff. City Administrator Sharmili Reddy explained that the city will now employ two part-time employees instead of one full-time worker in the office. Additionally, the programs coordinators will be joined with the communications position, and there is a need for a seasonal employee to help plow the snow, so the hourly rare was raised for that position.

City council adopted a resolution to direct Ft. Mitchell to become a certified city of ethics, a process handled by the Kentucky League of Cities. City council members, the mayor, staff, and the ethics board will go through the training at a cost of $600.

The training is repeated each year.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor