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Poll: Gov. Matt Bevin's Approval Rating at 29 Percent

Governor Matt Bevin scores just 29 percent approval from Kentucky voters, and 57 percent disapproval.

Morning Consult released the findings of its second quarter poll, ranking the most and least popular governors in the U.S.

Bevin ranked as the fourth-least popular governor in the nation.

Morning Consult cited a spike in Bevin's disapproval rating in April when the Republican suggested that children in the state may have been sexually abused because teachers called off to protest legislation in Frankfort:

The first-term governor finds himself back in the bottom 10 of the rankings for the first time since Morning Consult released its inaugural version in May 2016. Fifty-seven percent of Kentucky voters said they disapproved of his job performance during the second quarter, compared with 29 percent who backed him, a 25-point net dip from the previous quarter.

Morning Consult data shows voters were already souring on Bevin when on April 13 he levied the charge that children had been sexually assaulted or physically harmed due to being left alone while their teachers protest.

Following the remarks, which Bevin apologized for two days later, the share of Kentucky voters who strongly disapproved of him spiked. The governor has also faced a rocky road since then, including opposition from advocates for the poor to his plan to enforce work requirements as part of the state’s Medicaid program.

Bevin has not said whether he will run for re-election next year.



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