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5 from Florida Sentenced for Credit Card Fraud Attempt in NKY

Five people from Florida were sentenced in federal court in Covington for committing credit card fraud in Northern Kentucky.

According to guilty pleas, the five participated in the mailing of a package containing 227 blank credit cards from Tampa, Fla. to a Florence motel, using a local shipping company.

Suspicious marketing on the package triggered an investigation by law enforcement that ultimately led to a search of the package. The defendants were found waiting at the motel in nearby cars.

In searching the vehicles, officers found laptops and a thumb drive containing approximately 2,000 stolen account numbers.

Investigators also found skimmer devices used at gas stations to record account numbers from unsuspecting customers, equipment designed to download the stolen data onto the blank cards, and seven money orders that had been purchased with stolen account numbers.

All five were arrested before the blank cards could be used.

Jose Valdes, Jairo Castro, Yanetsi Sanchez, Arnado Salazar, and Dianey Quintero, all of Tampa, were sentenced to 37 to 46 months in prison by U.S. District Judge David Bunning.

The investigation was conducted by the CVG Airport Police and the United States Secret Service.

-Staff report

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