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What's a Jug Handle? Florence Will Soon Know

Northern Kentucky will soon have its first "jug handle" project underway.

Also known as a "half-loop", the new traffic design will eliminate left turns at the current intersection of U.S. 42 and KY 842, and divert left-turning traffic on to the new Quadrant Road at the southwest quadrant of U.S. 42 and Weaver Road.

The project aims to improve traffic flow at the intersection in Florence.

Work begins August 13.

When completed, the left turning traffic will be directed to Quadrant Road where it will loop back around to the current intersection and continue through to turn right.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said in a news release that this concept was chosen because moving traffic to different locations and onto the new Quadrant Road allows the signal timing at the original U.S. 42 and KY 842 intersection to be adjusted to reduce wait time at the light. This results in better traffic flow on U.S. 42, the news release said.

Studies have shown that right turns are faster than left turns, so traffic diverted to Quadrant Road should result in improved travel times.

Quadrant will end at the U.S. 42 and Weaver Road intersection, with drivers making either a left or right turn at the traffic signal.

Wait time at the signal is expected to decrease.

“The jug handle design will reduce the travel time of the 43,000 vehicles that come through at this intersection in a 24-hour period,” said Bob Yeager, chief district engineer for KYTC District 6.

In the early phases of construction, there will be minimal impact to traffic because the focus will be on building the new road. As the project progresses, traffic islands at the intersection will be added. When that phase is complete, traffic will move onto the new alignment to allow drivers to get used to the new pattern. 

The project has a projected completion date of June 2019. 

Florence-based Dudley Construction Company, Inc. was awarded the low bid contract for $3.2 million.

-Staff report

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