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NKY Lawmaker Asked to Host Hearing on Gun Legislation After 2-Year Old Shot

A state representative is asking the Kentucky General Assembly to consider proposals to reduce gun violence.

Rep. Jim Wayne (D-Louisville) sent a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Fischer (R-Fort Thomas) requesting a public hearing on the matter.

The letter states that Fischer, earlier this year, said that he intended to hold hearings in the summer on gun legislation proposed during the 2018 General Assembly session.

Wayne said the time has come for such hearings, particularly after the self-inflicted gunshot wound suffered by a 2-year old in Louisville on Wednesday. According to media reports, that child is in critical condition.

The Louisville Democrat wants fellow lawmakers to take a closer look at legislation he sponsored this year that would have made it illegal to store a firearm without a trigger lock in a manner that would allow a child to access it without supervision or permission.

“We need to act before there’s another tragic and senseless tragedy,” Wayne said. “Gun violence involving children has become a public health crisis. We know that one way to keep kids much safer is to make sure that guns are stored in a manner that keeps children from finding them and playing with them.”

“Though gun issues can be divisive, preventing unsupervised children from playing with guns is one issue on which everyone can agree,” he said.

Wayne said a public hearing on his proposal this summer could help ensure its swift passage in the General Assembly’s 2019 session.

Information from the Legislative Research Commission