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Ludlow Schools See Enrollment Increase & Other Notes

Ludlow Independent Schools have seen an increase in enrollment from last year.

Superintendent Michael Borchers announced that Thursday night at the board of education meeting.

"The school year ended last year with 768 kids enrolled," said Borchers. "This year we currently have 776 students enrolled, and we have 24 more in the process of enrollment. So, by the end of next week we should hopefully have 800 students enrolled."

He said he didn't know exactly why the enrollment increased, but said he knows they offer a great education at Ludlow.

Before the regular school board meeting, there was a tax rate hearing, but no one was present except for the school board. Members set the rate at 91.5, which is .008 higher than last year.

Ludlow has the third-lowest tax rate among Northern Kentucky school districts, behind only Beechwood and Bellevue.

Kyle Fancher, the district's technical coordinator, presented to the board an overview of data security and breach notification best practice procedures. He said students are immersed in technology every day, but cannot access websites that are deemed to be inappropriate or suspicious.

Malware protections are in place and servers are double-locked, he said. Passwords are changed often and in many cases, multiple passwords are needed to access computers, he said.

College and Career Coordinator Jennifer McMillen gave an update on the new program the district instituted where staff members visited all the students at home last week.   

She said the kids loved being visited, and some waited eagerly outside for the teachers, while the teachers and administrators loved visiting and seeing their students in their home environment.  

McMillen pronounced the program a resounding success, and said that it was a powerful tool for the teachers and administrators. She told the board that some of the students didn't believe they would be visited, but they were pleasantly surprised.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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