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Covington Police: Human Trafficking Report May Be Hoax, But Department Investigating

A message about alleged human trafficking in downtown Covington is circulating on Facebook.

It claims that two men posing as a gay couple with a child will ask a woman for directions around Pike Street and Madison Avenue or surrounding blocks, and then while walking with their female target, a car will pull up and try to kidnap her.

Police said Tuesday that they have been unable to locate any information that would validate the claim.

"Other local cities have recently experienced similar instances where people have utilized social media accounts to make false claims of human trafficking," the police department said in a Facebook post.

The department emphasized that it takes the claims seriously and investigates them fully.

Officers asked that if anyone knows the author of the original post, to have them contact the police department at 859.292.2258 so that they can gather information.

"As a reminder, never leave a public area with a stranger or accompany them to a vehicle," the police said. "We encourage everyone to remain diligent and report any suspicious activity you encounter to our dispatch center at 859.356.3191 or 911 for emergency situations."

-Staff report

Image via Covington Police Facebook