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The Most Successful City in Kentucky? Edgewood, Website Says

The most successful city in the state is right here in Northern Kentucky.

Zippia - a website that helps people with career plans - ranked cities in each state, and in the Commonwealth, Edgewood came out on top.

The website said that it used data from the U.S. Census's 2012-16 American Community Survey to rank cities based on median income, unemployment rate, and education rate (designated by the percentage of residents over the age of 25 with a bachelor's degree).

According to Zippia, Edgewood's median income is more than $89,000, the unemployment rate is 2.5 percent, and the education rate was 49.4 percent.

The education rate, though, was among the worst of the most successful cities ranked by Zippia. 

The most successful city overall? Glencoe, Ill., Zippia said.

Read the report here.

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