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Hepatitis A Case Reported at Owenton McDonald's

A worker at the McDonald's on South Main Street in Owenton has been diagnosed with hepatitis A.

The Three Rivers Health Department reported that the worker handled food while ill between August 16 and 27.

The health department added that it is uncommon for restaurant patrons to take ill after consuming food prepared by someone affected by hepatitis A, anyone who consumed food at that McDonald's during that time is encouraged to be vaccinated.

Anyone who ate at the McDonald's in Owenton should monitor their symptoms for fifty days, the health department said.

Meanwhile, the McDonald's location is working to disinfect all surfaces, and is encouraging its staff to be vaccinated.

The location closed and reopened on Monday night.

"McDonald’s is not at fault and has responded by doing everything they can to protect the public. It is relatively uncommon for restaurant patrons to become infected with the Hepatitis A virus due to an infected food handler and the health department applauds McDonald’s response," the health department said.

The news from Owenton followed a report that Northern Kentucky is now in outbreak status with more than 50 cases of hepatitis A reported, along with one death. A worker at Newport Syndicate was also diagnosed, prompting the Northern Kentucky Health Department to urge vaccinations.

-Staff report

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