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Heritage Bank Reaffirms its Commitment to the Community with Declaration of Independence

At the beginning of the year, Heritage Bank entered the Ohio market with a new branch in Mason. This past spring, the bank opened its 19th branch in Williamstown, Kentucky. And early next year, Heritage plans to open another Ohio branch in Montgomery, bringing their total number of offices to twenty.


As the bank continues to open new locations, Chairman Chris Caddell wants to assure customers that Heritage will not lose sight of its true community banking roots.


“Heritage Bank has thrived for 28 years now as a locally owned and operated community bank. Our independence has given us the freedom over the years to serve our community to the very best of our ability without obstacles or bureaucracy,” Caddell said. “So I want to show our customers that though we may be growing, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon and our values, without a doubt, are not changing.”


Caddell explains that in an era of increased bank sales and mergers, he feels compelled to formally reaffirm the bank’s deep commitment to independence by drafting what he calls the Heritage Bank Declaration of Independence. The document describes the bank’s vision and passion in taking care of customers and employees as an independent community bank.


“Our dedicated employees and steadfast directors have affixed their names to the document as an outward expression of solidarity and commitment to the bank and its future serving our customers for years to come, as the bank that always has its roots where others have their branches,” Caddell said. 


Heritage Bank President & CEO Lytle Thomas echoes Mr. Caddell’s sentiments saying, “Keep in mind that this is not just growth for growth's sake. Our customer base is expanding rapidly because of the outstanding service we provide to every customer, every day.”


Both leaders are excited about the bright future in store for Heritage, but they’re quick to acknowledge just how the bank got to this point in their evolution and who will propel them further for years to come.


“We now have over 200 employees that comprise the Heritage Bank team, and with their support and hard work, our growth and success has been phenomenal,” Thomas said. “We are proud to be recognized as a Top Workplace that focuses on creating a work environment that values and rewards our staff.”

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