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City of Covington Picnic Table Tribute to Goats is Vandalized

Part of a picnic table created by the City of Covington's economic development department is missing.
The table, created as part of the Northern Kentucky Picnic Project, featured a slim goat standing on the bench.
But now it's gone, disappearing from the table installation at Mad Hatter Park on Scott Boulevard.
Though the City of Covington wants its goat back, City Hall managed to keep some good humor about the situation in a news release issued Friday.
It noted that economic development director Tom West "seemed the most distraught". After all, he was responsible for cutting the goat from a piece of pine with a jig saw.
"It's lost and probably alone, or worse: It's been taken and is being mistreated," said West, in the news release, which also said that he spent half of a partial moment Friday morning filling out a Missing Person Report with the Covington Police Department.
"Kind of two-dimensional," West said. "Not very talkative. A lot of personality, but it doesn't make any effort to show it. So I guess it's kind of wooden, actually. Its face is frozen with an odd smile and focused look, like all it wants is to take another bite out of that table."
Police Chief Rob Nader, who spent much of his career working the streets of Covington, also got in on the fun search.
"Be on the look-out for a missing goat, approximately 30 inches tall, weighing about 3 pounds, with an eye-catching profile but very thin build. Answers to 'Billy the Kid.' Last seen wearing a white-and-gray coat. Last known location: Mad Hatter Park, having a hearty lunch. May be in downtown area in search of grass."
"We're guessing the goat didn't wander off by itself, since it's made of wood," West said. "But, we also haven't received a ransom note."
The painted design is tribute to the Goebel Goats, the Roebling Suspension Bridge, and some of Covington's downtown buildings. With the title "Goat Seating Only" and the goat bolted to the bench, the table won "Most Creative Design."
If anyone has seen the goat or knows of its whereabouts, please contact West at 859.292.2168.
-Staff report