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Park Hills Fire Department Wins Federal Grant; Work Continues on Jackson Road

The Park Hills Fire Department received a grant worth $97,800 from the Department of Homeland Security's Assistance to Firefighters program.

Fire Chief John Rigney said the money will be used to replace fourteen self-contained breathing apparatus.

The grant was applied for last year and the process is extremely competitive, Rigney said. City council applauded the news.

Rigney also asked council for funds to replace the furnace in the rear fire department bay and the upstairs apartment. The furnace was installed in 1983.

He asked for $4,500 for the the replacement furnace and necessary duct work, which was approved.

Resident Kevin Thiessen spoke to city council about two issues surrounding the forthcoming subdivision being developed by James Berling.

Thiessen said Berling promised to provide $2,500 for a city history book and $1,600 to put up interpretive signs for the city history.

Additionally, Thiessen said that Berling agreed to a design for the entrance to Audubon Forest. Since work on that entrance has begun, Thiessen asked council to make sure the agreed-upon design is in place.

Mayor Matt Mattone and council members agreed to ask Berling for a timeline.

Councilman Karl Oberjohn gave a presentation on the project on lower Jackson Road. The 18-ft. road will be widened two feet on each side to improve storm water flow. The street may ultimately be lowered to improve the slope for driveway aprons.

Oberjohn added that sidewalks could go up against the curb or leave some room for grass. Street trees likely won't be saved, though he said he would contact the University of Kentucky group that conducted a tree study in the city to see if there are any hopes to salvage the trees.

Public works director David VonHandorf requested $4,500 to repair his small truck so that he can spread brine in the winter. Council approved the repairs for the 20-year old vehicle.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor