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Full Scale Active Shooter Drill Planned for Beechwood will Impact Traffic

A full-scale active shooter drill is planned for Beechwood Independent Schools.

The event, set for Thursday, October 4 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., will impact traffic on various streets.

Kenton County Homeland Security, the City of Fort Mitchell's police and fire departments, and Beechwood Schools have teamed up for the practice.

The drill will include a number of police vehicles, ambulances, and law enforcement officers at the school and in the surrounding neighborhood. The drill will involve a law enforcement response to an active shooter, deployment of Swift Assisted Victim Extraction (SAVE) teams, patient triage, transports to local hospitals, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team building clearance, and full use of the Incident Command System (ICS).


A similar event took place in Newport and Covington in recent weeks.

Several roadways will be impacted during the event. The traffic Control & Roadway Closure Plan is as follows:

Dixie Highway

The southbound right lane will be closed from Beechwood Road to Greenbriar Avenue.

Temporary delays will also pop up to allow drill participants to cross the highway to reach the staging area in Highland Cemetery.

Beechwood Road

The road will be closed from Dixie Highway to Thompson Avenue.

Residents will be able to access their homes from the Thompson Avenue end.

Beechwood Road will be closed entirely in brief circumstances for the drill.

Residents of Ashton Road, Page Road, Deauville Court, Seville Court, Prather Court, and Ana Jo Lane will be able to access their homes from Thompson Avenue.

“It’s imperative for first responders and school districts to have the opportunity to test emergency planning in the case of an actual event,” said Steve Hensley, Kenton County Homeland Security & Emergency Management director. “This exercise pulls together first responders from Boone, Campbell, and Kenton Counties and only strengthens their skills and current crisis management plans. Every school district, city, and first responder agency has the opportunity to benefit from this exercise.”

“Many parents with children who attend school in Fort Mitchell want to know our commitment to school safety,” said Mayor Jude Hehman. “When I reached out to the Kenton County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management about opportunities to strengthen our preparedness, and they proposed this drill, I thought that it would be a terrific opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to safe schools and improve the readiness of our first responders. Of course, I hope and pray that we never have to use what we learn in this training in a real situation”

“We will continue to address safety and take any and all measures to make sure our campus is safe and our response to any emergency is performed at the same level of excellence that we expect from our students in the classroom,” said Dr. Mike Stacy, Superintendent of Beechwood Independent Schools.

Residents should not be alarmed as this is only a training exercise intended for emergency personnel. The general student body will not be present for the drill as it is taking place during fall break. 

-Staff report