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Street Projects in Park Hills Moving Forward

Park Hills city council received a report on progress of the Lower Jackson Road project at last week's caucus meeting.

Earlier in the month, Councilman Karl Oberjohn discussed a problem with the road and the driveways that intersect with the street. Some of them have grades that are too steep either up or down, resulting in cars bottoming out.

Oberjohn said residents there would like planting strips between the driveways and the street, so engineers at Bayer Becker are working on a possible solution.

The issue of a new storm sewer on Jackson Road was tabled until the October 8 meeting. Mayor Matt Mattone said the issue concerned the temporary and permanent easement to connect the new sewer line down a hillside from Jackson to Amsterdam Road. 

Mattone said the new line will improve the drainage problems at the condo community at the bottom of the hill.

Work on North Arlington Road is underway. The project is expected to be finished by December, Oberjohn said. Utility work is already completed.

Mattone also said that the city received two checks from developer James Berling. One set of funds will pay for historic markers and the other will be spent on the city's historical books. 

Berling will also put a metal grate on the culvert below the head wall at the new Audubon Forest site.

Oberjohn also noted that TBNK missed more than an hour of video of the most recent meeting due to a glitch. The discussion missing from the broadcast involved the new tax rate and other issues, so City Clerk Julie Alig is working with TBNK to post the audio of the meeting.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor